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Power of the Living Word Ministries International
is a Registered Charity No. 1111510 & WOW Ministries is
A Company Limited by Guarantee No. 4228841

We are a Restoration Ministry with a Missionary Heart.
Very Rev. Prophetess Alison Trethewy
Rev. Pastor Helen Smith
Rev. Pastor Pamela Dickenson
Minister Patricia Francis
Rev. Pastor. Seymour Francis
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The advancement of Christianity.

The relief of suffering and distress particularly amongst women arising from abuse, neglect, drug addiction and other forms of addiction.

The relief of poverty, suffering and distress of men, women and children across the
world through the provision of advice, counseling and other support services.
The Charity Objectives are:
Apostle Bishop Dr Donnett Thomas is the wife of Elder Colin Thomas and has two grown up children. She is an experienced and articulate international preacher and teacher having spoken all over the world in Houston, California, New Jersey, Chicago, Antigua, Jamaica, the Philippines, Kenya, Zambia, Ghana, Nigeria and Botswana.

She has obtained a Certificate in Theology and a Diploma in Theology from the Institute of Christian Training (affiliated to the University of Wales) and she is studying for a BA (Hons) in Ministry with Trinity Seminary and Theological College (Affiliated to the Canterbury University). She also has a Certificate in Clinical and Pastoral Counselling. The Philadelphia Assemblies of Full Gospel Churches made her an Honorary Doctor of Divinity in 2000 in recognition of her excellence in teaching sound Biblical doctrine.

Apostle Bishop Dr Donnett Thomas was consecrated in July 2003 as an Apostle by Apostle R Williams of the Gathering Of Eagles Ministries International in Houston, Texas. She has planted a Ministry in the UK where she is the Senior Pastor, Power of the Living Word Ministries International in London and has Apostolic Covering Churches in Mombasa, Kibwezi, Kitui in Kenya and in Pradesh, India. Her Ministries have a missionary heart and believe it is our Kingdom responsibility to help the poor.

She was consecrated a Bishop with the International Ministerial Council of Great Britain (IMCGB ) in November 2007 with special responsibilities for the Diocese of South London. She is Chair of Churches Together in South London and one of the Presidents of the Christian Muslim Forum in London.
About Rt Rev Apostle Dr Donnett Thomas
Minister Helen Mills
Apostle Bishop Dr Donnett Thomas
Elder Colin Thomas
Rev.Pastor Chidi Umezurike
Minister Veronica Reid
Sunday Services
1:00pm - Hour in the Word - Sunday Bible School (SBS) (Ages 3-12 years) Young People's Forum (YPF) (age 13+ years)
2 - 4pm - Worship Service

Every Wednesdays
1:00pm - 3:30pm - Precious Years 60+ Lively Lunch meeting and Fellowship Within St. Stephen's Church Weir Road  (Side Hall)
Clapham Park, London, SW12. ONU.

Every Friday during term time
1st Clapham Park Girl's Brigade Company.
Ages 4   - 10yrs      6pm - 7.30pm
Ages 11 - 18yrs      7pm - 8.30pm
Within St. Stephen's Church Weir Road  (Side Hall)
Clapham Park, London, SW12. ONU.

Registered CHARITY No. 1111510
Zechariah 4 : 6 Hebrews 4 : 12