Rt Rev, Apostle, Dr. (Mrs) Donnett Thomas
Cert.Th, Dip.Th, DD, B.A (Hons) Ministry

Rt Rev, Apostle Dr (Mrs) Donnett Thomas is the Senior Pastor and Bishop of Power of the Living Word Ministries International which is based in London. She was consecrated in St. Thomas' Church London as a Bishop with the International Ministerial Council of Great Britain (IMCGB ) in November 2007, attended by the General Secretary of Churches Together in England, with special responsibilities for the Diocese of South London. She also served as Chair of Churches Together in South London (CTSL) and as one of the Presidents of the Christian Muslim Forum established by a previous Archbishop of Canterbury. She is also an Honorary Ecumenical Canon of Southwark Cathedral.

As a consecrated Apostle (in July 2003), Apostle Thomas gives an Apostolic Covering to Churches in Mombasa, Nairobi, Kitui in Kenya and in Chennai in India. She regularly visits her Covering Churches bringing teachings to develop these Churches, the Pastors and their congregations.

Her Ministries have a missionary heart and believe it is our Kingdom responsibility to help the poor as Jesus taught and meet urgent needs including sponsoring children through school, medical bills, Church plot contributions, Church repairs and funeral costs etc.

Rt Rev, Apostle Dr Donnett Thomas was the Chair of Churches Together in South London (CTSL) an umbrella ecumenical body that encourages and supports inter-church work, worship and witness across South London boroughs. CTSL is supported by the Anglican Diocese of Southwark, the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Southwark, the London Methodist District, the United Reformed Church Southern Synod, the London Baptist Association, the Salvation Army London South East Division, and a number of smaller denominations including independent black majority churches in South London.

Christian Muslim Forum

Rt Rev, Apostle Dr Donnett Thomas was one of the Presidents of the Christian Muslim Forum which was built on friendship between a group of Christians and Muslims, showing how faith is a catalyst for good relationships and welcomes the 'other'. They remain faithful to their own commitment as Christians and Muslims while growing in their relationship with each other, understanding of each other's tradition, and their ability to work together for the good of their communities and society.

Women and Men's Ministries

The women and men's ministries have been a focus of the Apostle for many years, all over the world, developing their leadership skills in the Body of Christ. Some have gone on to establish their own churches as Pastors and others have found their unique callings to work for the Lord.

Young People

Rt Rev, Apostle Dr Donnett Thomas was a former School Governor at Graveney School, Tooting South London with over 25 years experience and sat on their Curriculum Committee and Disciplinary Committee. She brought wisdom and understanding to help students see their lives in a more positive way. She has a great heart for young people encouraging them to be the best they can be and never to give up on themselves.

In her Ministry young people are given opportunities to express their faith and experience new things through international travel and working alongside adults.

She has placed several young Ministers-in-Training in London, Kenya and India and is teaching them herself. Rt Rev, Apostle Dr Donnett Thomas has been responsible for bringing dignity and understanding to young Kenyans where tradition makes you a youth regardless of age until you are married.

The Ministry also prepares young people for life including the work place through CV writing, interviewing techniques and how to manage their finances. There is a Youth Forum where young people are encouraged to talk about their issues and receive guidance and information in every area of life. This helps the young people take an active role in the work of the Ministry.

Photograph: Rt Rev Apostle Dr Donnett Thomas being installed as an Honorary Ecumenical Canon of Southwark Cathedral.
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