As the other Arm of Power of the Living Word Ministries, True Redemption Apostolic Network is a Network of Ministers in the United Kingdom, and the countries under the Covering of the Power of the Living Word Ministries International who are part of the Five-Fold Ministry equipping the Body of Christ.

True Redemption Apostolic Network brings together Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers; building teams making an impact for God`s Kingdom, in the Countries under our Apostolic Covering.

Vision and Purpose:

To identify and focus on teaching and equipping disciples, anointed to carry the message of God to each generation fulfilling the Great Commission and laying solid foundations in the lives of those ready to carry on the work in the Kingdom of Heaven.

True Redemption Apostolic Network operates to:

  • Empower serious people in the Power of The Living Word Ministries International and the Covering Churches, who have a place to carry forward what the Church is doing in this day and age.
  • Encourage people who know the Church needs help.
  • Equip people who recognise the anointing they have will be used of God not for any other purposes but to effect change.

What True Redemption Apostolic Network will do for Members of Covering Churches

  • Bring together Apostolic Teams from the Covering Churches of Power of the Living Word Ministries International to a Network around the world including Prayer Networks and Prophetic Networks.
  • Provide Spiritual direction through Biblical teaching.
  • Workshops on how to organise personal finances and Church finance.
  • Hold seminars, debates, Prayer breakfasts around the Churches of Power of the Living Word Ministries International around the world.
  • Opportunity for Ministry in a wider UK and international context as part of a powerful Apostolic Team used by God to bring significant change for His Kingdom.
  • Opportunity to experience greater depths of personal Ministry and calling, together with other Five-Fold Ministers.
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